Completing the IRATA Logbook

Log Hours Accurately: Record all your work hours diligently. Make sure to differentiate between training hours and working hours, as only the latter count towards the hours required for upgrades.

Categorize Hours Correctly: Ensure that hours accrued while being trained in rope access are logged in the Training Section of the logbook.

Detail the Work Performed: Include a brief description of the type of work performed, the rope access techniques used, and the equipment involved.

Get Endorsements Regularly: Have your logbook signed off regularly by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor or an appropriate person in charge of the worksite.

Maintain Continuity: Keep your logbook entries sequential without gaps in dates or hours worked.

Use Official Logbooks: Always use the official IRATA logbook for your records.

Presenting the Logbook for Assessment

Bring to Training Courses: Present your logbook at the start of any IRATA training course, especially if you are upgrading or revalidating.

Showcase a Variety of Work: Your logbook should reflect a diverse range of rope access work to demonstrate your breadth of experience.

Prepare for Verification: Be ready to discuss your logbook entries during your assessment, as verifiers may ask about specific jobs or tasks.

What Not to Do:

Do Not Falsify Records: Never fabricate work hours or experiences. Dishonesty can lead to disqualification and damage your professional credibility.

Avoid Incomplete Entries: Do not leave entries partially filled or ambiguous. Ensure each entry is complete and clear.

Don’t Lose Your Logbook: Treat your logbook as an important professional document. Losing it can cause significant setbacks. It’s recommended to keep a scanned copy as a backup.

Don’t Wait to Log Hours: Update your logbook regularly instead of trying to remember and record several months’ worth of work at once.

Don’t Forget to Get Signatures: An unsigned logbook or missing endorsements can lead to disqualification of hours.

Replacing Lost Logbooks

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