Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for work at height and rope access work.

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Further information must be read prior to use at ...
the manufacturer's instruction manual.
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Vertical aid climbing is a technique which allows rope access Technicians to climb a structure such as
a steel lattice tower or a series of anchor bolts set in a wall.

Level ...
2 and Level 3 Trainees must demonstrate vertical aid climbing, progressing primarily in suspension in an upward direction.

Trainees must demonstrate an understanding of the suitability of different types of lanyards with emphasis on the need to minimize potential fall factors, distances, and impact loads.

Trainees must demonstrate climbing a vertical distance of at least 3 m.
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Deviations may be rigged to position ropes or avoid obstructions. These may not be compatible with lowering systems, so the rescue plan needs to ensure sufficient competence within the team deal with them.
Level 2 candidates shall demonstrate descending with a casualty through a single-anchor
Level 3 candidates shall demonstrate descending with a casualty through a double-anchor
Trainees should avoid out-of-control swings and potential slack in the
safety line.
Trainees should demonstrate a safe and efficient passage through the deviation.
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We're thrilled to announce that significant advancements have been made at our training center. These upgrades are designed to enhance the quality of IRATA training, offering you streamlined access to the practical elements of the IRATA syllabus.

Recognizing the physical rigors of IRATA training, we are excited to introduce an innovative approach for our trainees. Now, you can prepare more effectively before, during, and, if necessary, after your training. We've compiled the entire IRATA syllabus into a comprehensive video series. This resource is especially beneficial for refreshing your memory on IRATA rope access and rigging techniques, which you might have encountered during your last revalidation or upgrade session.

The video series is an invaluable tool for newcomers and beginners, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the syllabus before stepping into their first class. It offers a clearer understanding of how to handle Rope Access equipment, practical tips for training exercises, and strategies to keep pace with the intensive daily training workload. This preparation is crucial for successfully passing the IRATA assessment on the fifth day.

Our aim is to reduce stress and anxiety on Assessment Day, transforming it into an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We believe that with these enhancements, achieving your desired IRATA level will not only be successful but also more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to embark on a rewarding training journey with us in 2024!