IRATA Rope Access Training

We offer all levels of IRATA Industrial Rope Access training & a range of RTO courses in our purpose-built height safety training center

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Elevate Your Skills to New Heights

Expert IRATA Rope Access Training

Elevate Your Career with Professional IRATA Rope Access Training

Embark on a journey to master the art of rope access with our IRATA Certified Rope Access Training program. Designed for both beginners and experienced professionals, our comprehensive course offers hands-on, practical training that adheres to the highest standards set by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

Why Choose IRATA Certification?

IRATA certification is globally recognized and respected, setting the benchmark for safe, efficient, and professional rope access work. Whether you're aiming to break into industries like construction, telecommunications, wind energy, or entertainment, or looking to enhance your existing skill set, IRATA certification opens doors to new and exciting career opportunities.

Course Overview

  • IRATA Levels Tailored to Your Needs: We offer training for Level 1 (entry-level), Level 2 (intermediate), and Level 3 (advanced), ensuring a path for progression regardless of your current skill level.
  • Duration and Structure: Each level involves a structured mix of theory and practical sessions, conducted over a period of 5-days, culminating in an assessment by an independent IRATA assessor.
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning: Our experienced instructors guide you through various techniques, from basic safety procedures to complex rigging and rescue operations, ensuring you gain confidence and proficiency in rope access work.

Benefits of Our Training Program



If you want to reach new heights, industrial rope access is just what you need. You will learn the essential skills required for working in suspense. The chance of a lifetime is awaiting you at Atlas Access.

Atlas Access is a specialist Industrial Rope Access trainer, providing a comprehensive package of IRATA rope access training from individuals to a wide range of industry groups throughout Australasia in our state of art training facility in Sydney.

IRATA Training in Sydney

Get your IRATA training from Sydney’s leading experts in industrial rope access. We will teach you every skill you need to know so you can work in exciting careers that can literally take you to the top of the town.

Join Our Community of Rope Access Professionals
Upon completion, you’ll join an elite group of IRATA certified technicians, recognized worldwide for their skills and professionalism. Your certification is not just a testament to your capabilities; it’s a passport to a global industry seeking skilled rope access professionals.
Ready to Ascend to New Professional Heights?

Enroll in our IRATA Certified Rope Access Training today and transform your career prospects. Contact us for more information on course schedules, pricing, and enrollment procedures.

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